My fucking God I need murder or bloodshed or something to take this pounding out of myself. I’m not prepared for feeling real emotions. 


Daniel Danger (b. Boston MA, USA) - Title with each Illustration.   Digital Arts


the older u get the funnier spongebob becomes

Real talk. 




The art of Luis Quiles

This . Is . Fuckin. Ill


Anonymous asked:
How does one go about finger banging his girl ?

This seems like the type of question you should be asking anyone but me. Maybe ‘your girl’ (As you so dominantly label her) is a good place to start. If you have any uncertainties or confusions in your relationship then talk to your partner first, rather than some dickhead on the internet. 

The Fear


The fear we feel day to day has no use or meaning. It is not the primal fear that keeps our camp safe from the beasts in the night, it is an unnamed fear. A fear that attacks our soul, not our body. A fear that grips our very being with invisible claws and seeps slowly into our core so…

Moran on point as usual. 

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