Julian is not for sale. 


Darkened Cities by Thierry Cohen

Artist Thierry Cohen photographs the world’s major cities, seeking out views that resonate for him and noting the precise time, angle, and latitude and longitude of his exposure.

In Thierry Cohen’s series, Darkened Cities, we think we see bright night skies over cities. Very traditional, very poetical. Actually, what we’re seeing is the opposite. These skies are an indictment and a lament. These are the skies that we don’t see. They are also extremely clever photography, in which highly skilled execution provides rich layers of meaning.


Death is a man named Henry Meadows. 



"the raven" only its about macklemore. thanks for following my blog

once inside a thrift shop dreary, while i browsed there, weak and weary,

over many a quaint and curious greatcoat of forgotten bore—

while I nodded, puissance sapping, suddenly there came a yapping,

as of some one whitely rapping, rapping at my bargain store—

“‘tis some visitor,” i muttered, “rapping at my bargain store—

only this and macklemore.”


Some classic Niall

Oh man, old skool sketches. Owen’s drawings are the best. 

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flicking through a little book of sex tips, remember when the boys were all electric?

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dreadtornado asked:
Hey is ur dad single?

Nope he’s got a new lady, the sluh. 

Anonymous asked:
What you doing tonight?

Absolutely dick all. Gonna get some munch, smoke weed and watch Mullholland Drive. Solid night. 

is not pretty

but I don’t care
about looks.
Set the dumpster

on fire. Break
the windows.
Don’t kiss me

like they do
in the movies.
Kiss me

like they do
on the emergency
broadcast system.

Daphne Gottlieb (via kdecember)