Hope Gangloff


Artist name: Jeremy Worst … let the world know.

Modern Acrylic Artist Atlanta,ga



Morgaine Faye (USA) - 1: Sleeping Dog, 2013  2: Idle Hands, 2013  3: Gilded Fool, 2012  4: La Luna, 2010  5: Floral Moon, 2013   Paintings: Mixed Media

Panic is always a bad trip, with or without acid.
Hunter S. Thompson (via phoenixandthecarpet)

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A video I made with my friends for their #IceBucketChallenge. It’s a shot for shot parody of SNL’s ‘Dear Sister’ video. Please reblog to raise awareness for ALS/MND and don’t forget to donate! (texting ‘MND’ to 50300 donates €2 if you are in Ireland, visit if you live elsewhere!)

My friends are the fucking best.